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D-Day beaches :

The 1944 Landing Beaches Juno, Gold, Sword, Omaha and Utah beach are destinations you can’t miss. These historical locations are only a short drive from Ô Sources and Bazenville. The Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches with its immerged pontoons is also an essential visit. During the summer, these beaches become a place to sunbathe, go sailing at the sailing school or have a swim.


Once you are out and about around the property, cycling is one of the best ways to get around, ideally with our off-road bikes. Bazenville and the countryside paths and trails are ideal to go hiking too.


Richard and Berenice can guide you, advise you or even accompany you (by driving, cycling or walking) to discover the different features around the village and surroundings.


Normandy and the Calvados region have many local products such as dairy products… Camembert, Livarot, Pont L’Évêque, butter, cream, etc. There is also calvados, pommeau, cider.


Restaurants around Bazenville generally use a variety of these products, including local seafood such as oysters and mussels.


We are absolutely passionate about our region, local festivities, concerts or exhibitions; during the summer but also all year round.


Historical monuments are everywhere in the Calvados region, with local churches, chateaux, museums and abbeys. 


The coast is very attractive for having an afternoon walk for example. The scenery is just fantastic, with long stretches of sand with oyster beds, in Meuvaines for example, about 5 minutes from Ô Sources.


We can provide you with a selection of our favorite places to visit or to enjoy a meal.

la galerie à Arromanches
festival de la pluie
l'Horloge Penchée à Caen
batteries de Longues sur mer
musée mémorial de Bayeux
les voies de la liberté
le pont de l'Aure à Bayeux
Une église du Bessin
Un château dans le Bessin
cinéma circulaire Arromanches 360°
Pont Bailey à Arromanches
les hauteurs de Arromanches
un village si tranquille
circuit à vélo
le château de Creully
Arromanches et son musée
la côte vue d'Asnelles

6, rue Pierre Arthus

14480 BAZENVILLE - Arromanches

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